Learn Ayurveda 

Fundamentals of Ayurveda


The courses provide a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda including the vital energies, the tissues, and the metabolisms as well as a practical introduction to the classical Ayurveda oleation or oil applications (commonly referred to as the Ayurveda massages), Ayurveda diet regimes and Ayurveda cooking and yogic postures.


The course incorporates the Ayurveda treatment provided by the health centre of Vendol Ayurveda a unique way so that each trainee can experience and receive all aspects of Ayurveda therapy from the specialist therapists and doctors while learning about such therapies.


Trainees will see how consultations are done, Ayurveda oil is prepared, decoctions are simmered to the correct point, and oil applications are carried out, not just in a classroom environment but also in an environment where Ayurveda is practised.


Course duration

3 Months with Theory and Practicals demonstration online 

2 Weeks training in Sri Lanka at IIHS.

Course conducted by Ayurveda Doctor Ananda Induruwa


Course fee EURO 3000,00 .excluding travel and accommodation in Sri Lanka

In collarboaration with IIHS