Proudly Made in Sri Lanka

One Brand One Identity "Pure Ceylon"


"Pure Ceylon"  together with SLG-Forum plans to Establish Sri Lankan Origin products distribution in Germany , Establish Ayurveda treatment centers , and  restaurants making  Sri Lanak's only brand with multiple products assisting startups ,SMEs to enter the German and EU market.

Brands such as Anyaa & Botanik are established to franchise in the Hospitality industry with endorsement by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau for the Travel & Living concepts proposed by us. This is mainly to establish Ayurveda centers, Sri Lanka street food outlets and cafes.

PR expert Filippo Spadaro and Marketing expert Lars Hild will be involved in the sales and promotion for the Supermarkets and the  HORECA segment with the  distribution partner MSG Frucht GmbH.


Organic food , Seafood , Spices and exotic products will be channeled through 1400 outlets throughout Germnay.

Our web shop will be launched in September  2020 and welcome products to be sold online with the distribution managed by us in Erlensee headed by Mr Christian Kult.

Application and further details