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Exclusive Services

Our job bank provides employment opportunities for qualified Diploma and Degree holders to live and work in Germany.

How to apply:

Upload your CV to the link provided and get listed in the job bank which is accessed by employers in Germany.

Interviews are arranged online with candidates.

A1 and A2 German language course is available for candidates to study with our class.

Let's Work Together

Terms and Conditions

Once the employers and recruiting agencies confirm we will arrange a zoom meeting with applicant.

If you are successful the agency will issue a letter for your selection

At this point you shall pay LKR 30,000 for the documentation.

If your employer wants you to learn the German language A1 and A2 we will arrange this in SL online which is 4 months

The facilitation fee is LKR 200,000 which will be paid at the time of your visa process.


Civil , Mechanical , Electrical, IT and R&D jobs are in demand.


Motor Mechanism 

Germany is know for high tech and automobile. much needed jobs are in motor mechanism and skilled engineers are urgently requires.


Hospitality and Retail

Supermarket chains like EDEKA needs hands. Butchers, Bakers, Truck drivers and services personnel. Truck Drivers are paid over 3000 Euros.


Bio Medical 

Research and Development , researchers and scientist

Engineers and Businesspeople
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